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In 1655 Bernard Dudon de Boynet and his son Blaise, counsellors in Bordeaux's parliament, are owners of the castle.



From 1755, until the French Revolution the property's surface increased from 9ha to 12.15ha (in 1793).


In 1789 Jean Baptiste Dudon took over the counsellor parliament duty when his father died. Staying faithful to the King, he was guillotined in front of Barsac's church in November 1793, despite of the payment of an outrageous ransom  (50 Louis!) requested by the Talliens.

Thomas Jefferson


After this confused period the Castle belonged to Pierre Nicolas de Pichard who was also the owner of an other Castle, "Château Lafaurie Peyraguey" in Sauternes. It is at this time that Thomas Jefferson,  future president of the United States, making a tour in Bordeaux area, spoke in his letters about the white sweet wines of Barsac and the manner to produce them.



In 1868, Bernard Gaussem, cooper master in Barsac, great-great-grand father of  Evelyne Allien, current owner, bought the castle for his daughter Julia who married Alphonse Balayé. The castle has already his present aspect, except the greenhouse built at the end of the 19th century.


                                                Gaussem's family in 1879


Bernard Gaussem down left; close to him :his grandson Raoul Balayé. 

Standing on the second row, 3rd by the left : Julia Gaussem Balayé .




 Duffour de la Vernède-Balayé family in 1902

The baby at the first row is : Renée Balayé  6 months old; on the second row her nurse and close to, behind, her mother  : Marthe Balayé
On the third row Raoul Balayé, Renée 's father handing a mallet of croquet 









Marthe and Raoul Balayé in their De Dion Bouton





The parents in law of Marthe Duffour de La Vernède spouse Balayé, died in Dudon in the thirtieth (1936) and the Castle remained unoccupied during 60 years.


Jacques Herteman, Renée's husband, officer, was in the second world war. During this period, the castle was occupied by 66 officers and soldiers. 


At the death of Mrs Balayé, Mrs Jacqueline Saumade, her daughter, became the owner. Since 1988, Evelyne Saumade, who has become Mrs Allien,  took full responsibility for the Castle.





A women's Castle


Each progeny having only heiress, 5 women are successively in charge of the Castle:




Ø     Julia Balayé,  spouse of Alphonse,  who received the Castle as dowry ,       


Ø     Marthe widow of Raoul Balayé when 24 years old,       




Ø     Renée Herteman, daughter of Marthe and Raoul, 





Ø Jacqueline Saumade-Herteman,



Ø     Evelyne Allien Saumade








The revival



Evelyne and Michel Allien since 1988, are applying themselves to give life back to the building and the vineyards around.

Carrying on with the traditional method since 1868, no weed-killer has been used in the vineyard till now.

The Château produces now an organic wine. A Bacchus gîte was built in 1994, open to the adepts of œnotourism.

In November 2006, Château Dudon was awarded by silver Best of oenotourism in Great Wine World Capitals.



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Christophe, Philippe and Guillaume Allien



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