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The secrets of Sauternes


Sauternes should be served chilled but not iced.

Contrary to widespread tradition, this wine is not solely a dessert wine.

Served to guests before a meal, as an aperitif it will stimulate their palate; but by all means serve it right through a luncheon or a dinner, except with very spicy or very sweet dishes.

Nowadays, the great gastronomes of France recommend drinking Sauternes with Foie Gras and with Roquefort two delicacies ideally suited to accompany this wine.


Sauternes, the success of all parties is the perfect accompaniment to :


·        Foie Gras

·        Lobster and crayfish . Fish served with sauce (eg. Turbot in mousseline sauce, sole, salmon)

·        White meats

·        Game and Fowl (roast duck, guinea fowl)

·        Fat Juicy ortolans

·        Soft cheeses, particularly Roquefort .

·        Sorbets, fresh fruit and fruit salad

·        Melon

·        Dried fruit, nuts and almonds.

To delight your guests try our recipe for an original fruit cocktail :


Sauternes cup

In a punch bowl put together diced seasonal fruit (apricots, peaches, apples, pears, etc.) and thinly-sliced oranges. Pour over some sauternes allowing 2 glasses per person, and add one or two glasses of Cognac. Allow the mixture to macerate for about one hour in the refrigerator, then serve with ice-cubes and soda-water.


A glass of Sauternes with its delicate aroma and its richness of taste will gladden your heart: Truly the wine to help you enjoy each day to the full.


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