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Château Dudon wine tasting

Hervé Pennequin


 Evelyne Allien Château Dudon's owner                                     


Best Young Sommelier of France 1989
(Trophée Ruinart),1994  (2nd)
Best Young Sommelier of United States 2002 (2nd)
Best Young Sommelier of World 2004(3rd)

International Wine Consultant

Wine Consultant to top U.S.A. restaurants, American Delegate in the Best Sommelier in the world competition 2004






Vertical tasting in April 2005 by Hervé Pennequin



Château Dudon 1990:

Very intense gold color with copper rims. The flavors of mushrooms and candied fruits are very complex and tend to go towards figs and dates while breathing. Mouth is very unctuous, smooth. The Botrytis is very well integrated and give to the wine a certain finesse even though the finish is firm.


Château Dudon 1998:

Very intense yellow gold color. Rich flavors of blond caramel with grapefruit and candied apricot. Elegant touch in the mouth with flavors of citrus to light the balance. Finish a little bit firm but will smooth with the age .


Château Dudon 1999:

Intense yellow gold color .Very deep flavors of exotic fruits, apricots and bananas with in the end candied orange, almost tangerine. In the mouth, great extraction of the fruits and a long, unctuous finish.


Château Dudon 2000:

Gold yellow color, medium intensity. Nose of candied fruits, pineapple with citrusy and blond caramel flavors, light spices, dried raisins and a nice botrytis. Very intense smoothness and  unctuosity. Great length in the finish with supple wood touch and tender tanins.


Château Dudon 2001:

Intense gold yellow color. Nice botrytis flavors with aromas of candied fruits, apricot, pineapple. Great acidity on the palate with lemony and bananas flavors, superb length with a light touch of oak in the finish.


Château Dudon 2002:

Yellow gold color with a medium intensity. Candied fruits of pineapple, lemony and citrusy as well, very fresh and lively. Mouth is unctuous, fat almost honeyed, supple and balanced finish.


Château Dudon 2003:

Gold yellow color . Flavors of lemon , very young and fresh citrusy aromas. Intense touch of sugar, powerful but will get better in finesse with bottle aging . Good level of acidity.  








Château Dudon
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